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The chief objective of our practice at NLHC is to provide peace and happiness by restoring health to the difficult to treat patients through our therapeutic excellence

We Work Meticulously To Provide The Services For You!

At New Life Homeo Care we accept and treat chronic patients, suffering from difficult diseases whose condition is hopeless and helpless despite visiting many leading experts of different systems. They are a sort of given up or discarded patients whose clinical state seems to be incurable.

We are highly successful in the treatment of many such given up cases.

Like our novel and highly useful concept DAHT, our therapeutic approach is also different and the results are safe, rapid, and curative in the majority of these difficult patients. They are evidence-based. This can be treated as a unique feature of our center.



Hello everybody.

Namaskars to all well wishers, health seekers and aspirants of better health.

Health is wealth.

Hopefully nature has all the potential to help humanity.

We are happy to note that we are witnessing tremendous progress in the field of promotion of health all over the world.

Our city  has come to be recognised as the medical hub for entire south east Asia, thanks to the hard working, highly efficient and internationally popular doctors and corporate hospitals.

But strangely and sadly we happen to find many people suffering from ill health despite all these prospects and comforts.

We are aware of the fact that there are many kinds of medical therapies catering to the needs of deceased persons. Some are known, some unknown, and some with evolving therapies. Every therapy has its advantages and limitations.

Homeopathy is considered by many as a leading alternative therapy in the treatment of difficult diseases not responding to conventional treatment of modern medicine. Homeopathy is both an art and science.

At New Life Advanced Homeo, our art of dealing with such cases is different and the results are very safe, fast and highly successful unlike the common belief that homeopathy is time consuming.

This is the true experience and opinion of our valued customers who have recovered from their hopeless and helpless state of health and have witnessed a promising NEW LIFE following our holistic therapy.
This has been possible because of our unique and devoted professional excellence aiming to help our distressed customers. It involves the study of disease and the therapeutics in the following novel ways.

  • Study of causation
  • Study of constitution
  • Study of mind
  • Study of disease tendency
  • Study of Pathology
  • Study of complicating factors
  • Study of status and safety of vital organs
  • study of lifestyle of the individual
  • and many more

Secondly and most importantly we are the inventors of the Dynamised Auto Hemo Therapy (DAHT) concept that has helped us in treating dreaded viral diseases and Exogenous toxic States.
By exogenous toxic States I mean the disease conditions that develop following the entry into the body of foreign toxic substances like side effects of drugs, chemotherapy, industrial poisons and insect bites.

All our claims are true and evidence-based with case histories and testimonials

We take pride in providing NEW LIFE to the helpless sick.

From the desk of Dr Subhash Chander

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