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Tonsillitis: Efficacy of homeopathic approach

July 26, 2022

Tonsillitis: Efficacy of homeopathic approach

Tonsillitis is one of the common diseases because of the inflammation of either one or both tonsils, and it is often caused by contact with viruses or bacteria. Tonsils refer to the pair of lymphatic tissues on one side of the throat.

The two lymph nodes on each of your throat’s back are known as Tonsillitis. Tonsils function as a defense mechanism that helps prevent infections in the body. Tonsillitis is a condition that occurs when the tonsils become infected. Tonsillitis can occur at any age and is a common childhood infection.

The tonsils are the immune system’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses that enter your mouth. This function may make the tonsils particularly vulnerable to infection and inflammation. However, the tonsil’s immune system function declines after puberty — a factor that may account for the rare cases of tonsillitis in adults.


Common viruses often cause Tonsillitis, but bacterial infections can also be the cause.

The most common bacterium causing Tonsillitis is Streptococcus pyogenesis (group A streptococcus), the bacterium that causes strep throat. Other strains of strep and other bacteria also may cause Tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis is divided into three types, which are dependent upon the frequency of times Tonsillitis occurs and how long it lasts:

  • Acute Tonsillitis includes cases where symptoms last from three days to about two weeks.
  • Recurrent Tonsillitis occurs when a person suffers from multiple episodes of Tonsillitis in a year.
  • Chronic tonsillitis cases have symptoms that persist beyond two weeks.

Some of The Symptoms of Tonsillitis Are As Follows:

  • Stiff neck
  • Pain in the ears
  • Bad Breath
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fever

Most people prefer Homeopathy for the Treatment of Tonsillitis since the recovery takes place naturally and effectively over time.

If a patient experiences tonsil infection more than seven times a year, it is evident that they suffer from recurrent tonsillitis. It could prove to be dangerous if not treated immediately. Additionally, those suffering from the disorder also find their voice altered and experience pain in the throat when gulping down water or eating food. The problem goes away after the ailment is treated.

Homeopathic Treatment in Tonsillitis

  • Homeopathy offers excellent treatment for both acute and chronic Tonsillitis.
  • Frequent attacks of Tonsillitis suggest low immunity. Hence, internal immune correction is necessary, which is possible with homeopathy.
  • Unnecessary surgical removal can be avoided by going for homeopathic medicines.
  • Some homeopathic remedies helpful in Tonsillitis Are Belladonna, Calcarea carbonica, Mercurius solubilis, Hepar sulphuricum, Lachesis, and Tuberculinum. These medicines should not be taken without a prescription.
  • The exact remedy is selected based on the individual case analysis.

Homeopathy is a quick, gentle way to health and is very effective in treating diseases in children. There are many homeopathic medicines that not only help the child get relief from the current infection but also boost his immunity and prevent recurrent infection. Thus the child can live a healthy life and grow and develop well.

Homeopathic medicines that are very effective in treating recurrent Tonsillitis include barta carb, merc sol, silica, sulfur, graphites, andrographis, herb sulfur, psorinum, Calcarea carb, tuberculum, etc.

Medicines often help the child to lead a near everyday life, and medicines are chosen depending on the presenting case.

At New Life Advanced Home care clinic, under Dr. Subhash chandra, we have been treating cases of recurrent Tonsillitis for over 25 years. We have expertise in treating over 2000 cases of recurrent Tonsillitis.

At New Life Advanced Home care, we help patients save their tonsils, as they are the first line of defense; they are precious, and we need not remove them.

Based on our significant and vast experience, we strongly recommend homeopathy to treat recurrent Tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis is not contagious, but the original issue of cold and flu that led to the problem could be highly infectious. To reduce the risk of experiencing Tonsillitis, maintain a safe distance from people suffering from active infections since they retain the potential to spread this disease inadvertently.

Doctors suggest sanitizing and washing hands to avoid contracting bacteria or viruses. Avoid coming in connection with a person having a cough, sore throat, or sneezing.

Avoid gathering in public places while dealing with Tonsillitis, as your cough could spread the infection elsewhere. Drinking plenty of water also helps in reducing the pain.

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